Leverage Software Updates via Casper

Casper can be used for software updates but I felt something was missing (I am talking about me here!), so I went about writing something to help.
I wanted to once a week be able to install os x updates on all my clients and prompt them to restart while giving them a grace period if they couldn’t do it at the time of the prompt. Continue reading

Enforcing Critical OSX System Updates via Casper

Upon many talks from and within the Mac Admin community about XProtect and Gatekeeper updates, it was pointed out that within a few scenarios, the updates don’t apply. Continue reading


Disabling IPv6 on Wireless via Casper

I wrote a script for Casper as an extended attribute to check and disable IPv6 on wireless.
The script checks against each client if a wireless interface is enabled and then checks if IPv6 is enabled on that interface. If it is the case, it will turn it off and pass the status over to the attributed field in casper.
Continue reading