Printer Management

One of the missing features in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is a Print Queue Server option.
Yes you can still load CUPS but I find the most efficient solution to dealign with Printer Management is through the use of PaperCut.

PaperCut runs natively on OS X, Windows and Linus. You will add all your printers to your OS X server via the Print & Scan option in Systems Preferences.

Then You would create a Virtual Printer Queue and share it via the Print Sharing Option

When Users print to the Virtual Queue, PaperCut will intercept the job and deal with it according to the policies set in place.

It integrates with Open Directory and can match the users from the logged in Users

It’s really good including dealing with iPad Printing.

From the iPad you would print to the Print Queue and launch the paperCut App (Web Clip) and authenticate on the iPad. The PaperCut server will then match the IP of the iPad Print Job vs the authenticated User IP on the iPad, finds a match and knows who is printing, policies still apply.

There are two versions of PaperCut, NG and MF

PaperCut NG is your standard version which deals mostly with users and quotas

PaperCut MF deals with embedded softwares in printers, such as MFPs Copiers, it also implement the use of Find Me Printing which let’s you release your print job at any printer you want.

Check it out…………..


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